GolfToons 59 - Meet Hamilton "Chip" Lagwell III

When non-golfers conjure up images of golfers they tend to envision someone like Hamilton Lagwell III, fondly referred to as “Chip”.

Meet Ham Lagwell.jpg

One of those guys often found at private country clubs or expensive destination golf resorts. We all know the type, but do they really exist?

Possibly, but that specimen is a preconceived notion based on prejudice, and as we know, far from reflecting the golfing population overall.

Our Chip may be blonde, tanned, well-groomed and always sporting the popped collar, but appearances can be deceiving. Chip meets all the visual criteria of the golf snob poster boy, but there is more to his story. 

Not to be confused with his father, Hamilton Lagwell II, known to all as “The Chipper”, our Chip holds a job, and his lifestyle is far from extravagant. 

The money is gone.  His days at the club are now only memories of a gilded childhood.  When ‘The Chipper’ left this world, he willed his son a love for golf and not much else.   

Chip enjoys the company of the casually clad, he finds them “intriguing”.  While his focus is on the game at hand rather than the style of his playing partners.  Chip has much in common with the ‘common golfer’, but old habits die hard.

Meet Hamilton “Chip” Lagwell III