GolfToons 58 - Meet Bodean Ogilvie

The oft forgotten golf enthusiast is the blue collar golfer. Usually found on a public municipal links where the green fees are easy on the wallet and the dress code is loose. Bodean plays to a 12 handicap, but can throw up a 110 just as often as blistering a course with a 77.


“Bo” usually wears jeans with a distinctive faded ring in the left rear pocket where he keeps his tin of Copenhagen. His well-worn John Deere cap protects his head from the sun, but not his neck His golf shoes are Red-Wing work boots, claiming they offer leverage.

His swing is unorthodox but effective, and his common refrain is “keep your head down and always have a pinch between your cheek and gum to help focus.”

Meet Bodean Ogilvie, Public Golfer.