GolfToons 2 - Total Commitment

Total commitment.  Total focus.  That's what golf asks of us, at any level. 

Some may wonder, is it worth stripping down to try and hit one out of a hazard when there are no TV cameras, no prize money - only a possible viral video on social media if one of your buddies is filming.  Is it really worth it?

can't reach them.jpg

All you are thinking about is the shot, and trying to block out the potential pitfalls.  Sure you think about risk v. reward, but once you commit, its all about the shot.  Your objective.  Everything else, modesty or any inferiority complexes can be forgotten, if only for a moment.

When it works, it is a great feeling.  Pulling off a shot that even the best would not only admire, but might not even match.  That is what makes golf so different than any other sport.  You can call it luck, but its not just luck when you pull off a great shot.  There is more to it when it's golf.  

And when you leave it in the creek, or completely whiff or when you hit the ball so solidly into soft mud that you can't find the ball, at least you can say you tried.  You committed and played the game the way it is supposed to be played. 

And as you put your socks back on with a few chunks of mud stuck somewhere on you, you have to smile and know your playing partners respect your commitment to the game.  You walk taller and will probably make a long putt later in the round or the next round.  Your commitment is rewarded.  

And as golfers, isn't there an underlying element of exhibitionism in every shot?  Play well!