GolfToons 61 - High Heel Golf

Golf fashions have certainly changed from the jacket and tie at the turn of the the last century, to the technical sportswear designed to wick away sweat and protecting us from today’s damaging sun rays.

High Heels.jpg

What does dress for success mean on the golf course?

 Is it form or function?

Comfort or compliments?

I have never had anyone ask me about my shirt while golfing, until my lady started buying my golf clothes. And my handicap has dropped. Go figure.

I always thought the logo or crest on the shirt sent a message. Never did I think the socks matching the belt mattered. What do I know?

Many golfing peacocks show up on first tees all over the world.  From High handicappers to scratch players, you can always find some colorful, unique golf costumes on any course. 

None more memorable than Payne Stewart. RIP.