GolfToons 3 - Eternal Struggle of Golf

Absurd may be the best word to describe golf, though futility also comes to mind.        

Punished for his craftiness, Sisyphus was condemned to push an enormous boulder uphill only to have it roll back down for eternity.  Any golfer can certainly relate to this plight.

Sisyphus Golfer.jpg

Camus wrote that he didn’t think Sisyphus was sad or despondent about having to push the boulder up the hill.  He felt Sisyphus was the eternal optimist because he never gave up and always thought he’d make it to the top one day.

For most of us golf is an uphill battle. Every hole a separate struggle, and a fresh start regardless of the previous hole glories or tragedies.  

And we golfers are a crafty, optimistic bunch, always trying to save a stroke and believing we can in spite of how absurd or futile reality may be.   

Rare is the golfer that actually gives up. We all keep trying and believe the next shot will be the one we remember for our own eternity.