GolfToon characters are original creations dreamed up by Marty Glass and Michael Duranko.  Then brought to life in the form of illustrated golf cartoons called GolfToons.  Our characters include Father O’Fairway, Bodean Ogilvie, and Hamilton “Chip” Lagwell III.

Here is a little bit more about each of these fine golfers.

Father O’Fairway

The Most Reverend O’Fairway hails from County Clare, Ireland.  In other words, he grew up playing the sport of golf from the time he was young lad.

He plays religiously but almost exclusively midweek.  His weekends are occupied by priestly duties.

Father O’Fairway’s love of golf is rooted in his belief that one must find joy in anguish.  in conclusion, Laugh at the Agony, if you will.

Bodean Ogilvie

Bodean Ogilvie Public Golfer is the oft forgotten golf enthusiast golfing in a blue collar. Therefore, usually found on a public municipal links.  The green fees are easy on the wallet and the dress code is loose. Bodean is a 12 handicap.  In conclusion, he can throw up a 110 just as often as blistering a course with a 77.

Hamilton “Chip” Lagwell III

When non-golfers conjure up images of golfers they tend to envision someone like Hamilton Lagwell III.  He is fondly referred to as “Chip”.

One of those guys often found at private country clubs or expensive destination golf resorts. We all know the type, but do they really exist?

Similarly, that specimen is a preconceived notion based on prejudice.  Above all, far from reflecting the golfing population overall.

Francesco Molinari British Open

Francesco Molinari British Open declares the Champion Golfer of the Year with an original golf illustration by Marty Glass of GolfToons.

Congratulations to Francesco Molinari, winner of the 2018 British Open at Carnoustie Golf Club. He is the Champion Golfer of the Year.