Fantasy Golf requires using your imagination.  For instance, observing illustrated golf cartoons called GolfToons can be a stretch.  Marty Glass draws these originals works, and then a bit of commentary is added.  In other words, we have a golf blog, and Fantasy Golf is one of the categories here at GolfToons.

Here you can find GolfToons with a Super Hero golfing.  In addition, Darth Vader makes an appearance as Darth Fader.  And even Nik Wallenda shows up hosting a unique, two-man invitational golf tournament.  Similarly, a Golf Genie can be summoned, but not to help with your slice.

Golftoons is a scheme between two golf buddies, Michael Duranko and Marty Glass. If this side-hustle makes any money, they‘re gonna blow it on a golf trip. Enjoy!

If you are interested in buying a print or a customized Golf-Toon for you or your club, send an email to

Here is a link to the SRQ Media profile “Pair for the Course” written by Olivia Liang with a photo by Wyatt Kostygan. GolfToons have been featured in the daily newsletter for SRQ Media, SRQ Daily.