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Long Form Phil

No detail is too small to be left out of a long story from our golf friend Phil.  Relevance be damned!

The details are important, be it the club used, the make and model of said club, even the golf cart number would not be too much of a detail for Phil to add to one of his stories.

In honor of Phil, I will extend this bio a few paragraphs longer than the others.  I think you are starting to get the point. Not necessarily a snappy dresser, Phil is a thoughtful well-read gent that will birdie or triple bogey a hole, any hole.  It just depends on the day. Phil loves the game, but loves the comradeship and the connections that comes along with golf, and that’s why he is so much fun to golf with.


Slick Greens


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Ranger Rich

His actual name is Nick, and he started out as Ranger Nick.  What was not known before he was hired, was how power would go to his head.  Because of his severity and attention to the smallest detail, his interpretation of the rules governing play, and the seriousness he has for the job, he quickly acquired the nickname Ranger Dick.  Though for mixed company was adjusted to Ranger Rich.

He never has found a rule too small to observe, or a foursome too intimidating to admonish.  For a while his golf cart carried the label “Course Ambassador” until some trickster shaded out some of the letters unbeknownst to him.  He marshalled the course for 3 days with his placard reading “Course Ass” before anyone said something to him.