Dateline: May 25, 2019

Heritage Oaks last week got a five star review from PDGA members.

Head Pro Joe Angelo said he wants us to come back. I completely agree. And now I have discovered that Venetian, which for years has been out of reach for we peons, is back on the table. What a summer this is turning out to be.
There was some discussion that we do four golf courses on a rotating basis (Palm Aire, Sarasota National, Venetian, and Heritage Oaks). On those months where there are five Saturdays we could throw in, say, Pelican Pointe or even Stoneybrook South. These six courses have qualities we can salute. For one thing, the greens on these courses are in excellent shape 99 percent of the time. And the fairways have grass that actually cushions a ball (Legacy’s fairways are so bare of greenery one could land a 747 safely upon them).
The rotation idea needs a vote. This is a concept that can’t just be dictated. We will need a motion and a second.
Tomorrow we will be at Palm Aire. Immediately after golf we will retreat to the Palm Aire restaurant. Don Worley will be crowned (the good kind, not the kind that causes subdural hematomas). Each PDGA member may bring a guest. The food is on the house. Doctor Worley has graciously offered to buy the first round of drinks for all participants. This is the last banquet under the auspices of the Public Defender’s Office. From now on we are an independent entity. In order to have some suspense, I will not announce Most Improved until the banquet. 
So, where do we stand when it comes to members? We have Fred Ehlke back after a long injury. But we lost Mike Duranko to the temptations of weekly  sojourns to Sarabay. Elliott Metcalfe is enjoying the rustic beauty of Vermont and will be until October. And for reasons that defy all logic, Jeb Bray is back in Buffalo (come on, Jeb. That town lost four Superbowls in a row. Get out!).
Mike Almoslechner is gone until December or January. Our most peripatetic member (Tom Williamson) will be traveling like a man seeking the White House. I haven’t heard from Gene Ciemny nor Jon Mandel. On the plus side Rob Coseo is back. And his father (Bob Coseo) played with us last week and he might be a prospect. Bob Coseo lives at Venetian, which is a nice contact point.
We have about ten firm commitments to Howey-In-The-Hills. I can hold rooms for our outing until 28 May 2019. After that Mission Inn will begin selling unsecured rooms at random. This does not mean one cannot procrastinate right up until the last minute and still get in. The dates are 12-14 July 2019. Stay at homes are really going to miss a nice treat.
Hats off to Mike Duranko and Marty Glass. They are the architects of the new web site. Dietz and Liskunas contribute content, but Mike and Marty sail the ship. The Scribe has the luxury of retirement but Al, Mike and Marty all have to juggle full time jobs while still contributing to the web site. Mike volunteered to stay on board even though he will be a Sarabay member until October. Thanks guys.


PAIRINGS FOR Palm aire C.C. lakes course

$40 + tax

  1. Dietz, Harter, Dennis

  2. Glass, Ethridge, Hartsuck

  3. Williamson, Worley, Settlemyre, Bob Coseo

  4. Curtis, Rose, Wheeler, Nutter

  5. Albrecht, Ehlke, Woolverton, Rob Coseo