Golf Genie – GolfToons 74

Golf Genie is a Golf cartoon illustration by Marty Glass of GolfToons with a genie coming out of a lamp and trying to help a golfer, until the genie finds out the golfer needs help with his slice. Funny Golf Humor.

Golf Genie

Golf Genie. Probably the most common fault of golf swing is the resulting slice. It is the the nemesis of the highly handicapped golfer and at times seems incurable.

The remedy for a slice is often so elusive that many a golfer has fantasized about a magic genie that grants them three wishes.

The first wish would probably be for some riches to take the sting out of green fees and equipment.

The second might be for some wisdom (but that might lead to giving up golf.)

But the third wish for many golfers would be a cure for their slice.

However, as many teaching pros know, that might be an unrealistic fantasy.


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