Tiny Greens – GolfToons 40

Tiny Greens shows Two golfers standing on a very small putting green, commenting about how they don't like long putts, an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass of GolfToons

What is worse, tiny greens or intimidatingly long holes?

Both pose their own issues, but for me, small greens can be maddening. And I have deeper thoughts about postage stamp greens, but I will save that for another GolfToon.

Today’s question is, “Do putting greens shrink over the years?”

At our local muni I’ve noticed the greens seem to have shrunk over the years. The aprons get a little bigger and creep closer and closer to the pin. My guess is this is a maintenance issue, though it could also be an economic challenge.

Keeping a public course open that offers reasonable green fees for the average Joe golfer is something I hold near and dear to my wallet. Not all of us can afford to plop down a couple of Ben Franklins for a round of golf.

Many courses, public, private, and my favorite designation, the “Semi-Private” all face economic pressures. A lot of ‘green’ goes into those greens. So maybe by making them a little smaller, they can keep their doors open.

Am I overthinking this?

And here is post about a Par 3 golf course in Palm Beach, Florida renovated by Ray Floyd. Small But Mighty, and yes, they have Tiny Greens!


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