UPDATE – Total Pars at 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

UPDATE - 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

As promised, here is an update on the 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest after two rounds.  See the preview post from Wednesday here.

In this post, explain the scoring, my picks, the prizes and then, I’ll update you on the total pars in the field for the tiebreaker.

You can find a link to the written post in the show notes below on our ‘Laugh at the Agony’ blog.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Scoring – 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

A Modified Stableford is used for the Masters fantasy golf contest.  So the players you picked get 5 points for every eagle, 2 points for birdies, and 1 point for pars. 

Then the twist, 1 point is deducted for bogies and 3 points for doubles or higher. If you did pick an amateur, they are not docked points for bogies or doubles. Which is Another twist.

The Picks

I stand at 114 points after two Rounds isolidly n the top 45% of the 485,000 entries. So the tiebreaker might not matter in my case. 

I have Rahm, Koepka, Cam Smith and Ben An.

The Prizes

You would think the winner would get an all-expense trip to the 2025 Masters. Maybe a stay in the crow’s nest, but that is not to be.

There is a grand prize, a first runner-up, a second runner-up, and then daily prizes, which I did not know. 

The grand prize as you can see here includes three dozen ProV1 golf balls, five hats, two umbrellas, two chairs, and a bunch of other cool Masters-branded swag. You can see a list of prizes here and push pause if you want to take them all in.

Total Pars Update – 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

In round 1 there were 967 pars, which translated to be 89 players making an average of 10.865 pars.  

In the 2nd round, the same 89 players made an average of 10.516 pars, or 936 pars.   Wind no doubt caused the par count to fall a bit, and there were a lot of birdies.  So the total pars so far is 1903.

The field has been cut to 59 players, as of Saturday morning no one has withdrawn. Though that could change.  

So what do you think the average pars will be in rounds 3 and 4?  

The field is pretty big so we’ll see what that does to the par count. 

Hope this is helpful. I will do a wrap-up for the 2024 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest after Sunday’s final round.


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