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Welcome to Golf-Toons, and our collection of original golf cartoons and thoughts about the game of golf.  We try to offer a wry perspective of golf that looks at every facet of this strange game of ours.

New GolfToons are posted in the Gallery as soon as we finish them. And with each GolfToon, you will find a bit of commentary as you would expect in a golf blog about Golf Cartoons. 

Whether the cartoon sparks a story or the story needs a Golftoon, it’s all about the game itself and the golfing lifestyle: the lessons, the attire, course chatter, the rules, or just about the game we all love and play. It’s all fair game to us.

Every 3 or 4 weeks, we send an email with the latest GolfToons and other bits and pieces. Sign up by sharing your email.  We never share, sell, rent or in any other way abuse your email.  And, after you have joined our world, be sure to share our world with your golf buddies.  Or send our work to anyone that enjoys a good laugh.

The GolfToons Democracy

Our audience is typically the lifelong golfer.  As such, we “lifers” know all too well that the next shot offers a chance for greatness, if only for a moment of redemption amid a lousy round.  Too often, we golfers are humbled, sent to the far corners of our imagination seeking perfection that proves elusive. 

Even for the mightiest of professional golfers, excellence is fleeting. Out of that quagmire of frustration, we often find humor as well as some great quips and stories.

The golfer we write and draw about is self-inspired, so at times it may have little in common with the golfers on TV on Sunday afternoons, but it can also be those universal truths and smirks shared by golfers of all skill levels. That’s the magic of golf.

Below this page should be some of our latest GolfToons.  Look to your right to see a list of our most recent blog posts. 

Our favorite GolfToons typically include an outrageous character or someone or something you may least expect to find on a golf course.  Have fun!

Gillespie 9 Preview

This is a preview post for the Gillespie 9, the short course that is part of the Bobby Jones Golf Club here in Sarasota, Florida.

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