World Champions Cup Summary


Final day at some point one of the 3 teams will be hosting this cup, claiming the inaugural World Champions Cup. 

In this World Chapions Cup summary post, I will talk about the golfers, and the golf course, but mostly about the format. A Three team match that is a hybrid between stroke and match play. Enjoy Here is a link to my Preview and Update posts

Concession Golf Club

This week the golf course shined, Concession Golf Club is a gorgeous piece of property, serene and peaceful. Even with some 10,000 fans on the golf course. 

I was excited to see the golf course and walk the grounds. Concession deserves the reputation it has for a big golf course where you can put up a big number.  The green complexes are the defense, and we saw a lot of three putts this week.  

Overall, the World Champions Cup was a pleasure to attend.   Well done Concession.

PGA Tour Champions

As for the golfers, the senior PGA Tour Champions, they do what they do, get the golf ball into the hole, and they make it look easy.  

Team USA wom the event and Jerry Kelly was the stand out leading allm golfers with 61.5 points and 12.5 in one of the singles matches.  Ill get to the scoring and the format in a moment.  

Kelly drained a birdie on the final hole that was the difference. Kelly responded to a bomb Stephen Ames made a few Moments earlier. High drama. 

And, I must say Steven Alker played consistently great all week,  He is the best senior golfer at the moment and he played like it.  

Some of the golfers played well, and some played poorly in certain matches, but that is golf.  Especially senior golf. They are all world champions and fun to watch.  

Team Golf Format – TriMatch

Now the format, I love that they tried something new at the World Champions Cup.   Three teams competing; a mash up of the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup

But with three teams it wasnt so easy to develop rivalries. 

The format is not so much you against anyone, it comes back to a game against par, though on some holes par or even birdie wasnt enough to win the hole outright. You play against whatever the other two golfers are doing.  Very Unique. 

The real game is competing against the worst score and making sure you don’t make the worst score.  

The other cool aspect to this style of scoring was the spoiler role.  On each hole, even if a player is out of the team competition like europe was, a good score can ruin the hopes of the other two opponents

The scoreboard showed big numbers which looked odd at a golf tournament, 

I chatted with Michael Collins, the ESPN Caddie and he agreed saying the scoreboard looked like a cricket score.   Certainly unique, but you had to try it, and let it play out to truly evaluate the format.  

Is there a way to keep score in relation to the other teams?  I don’t know.  Three teams is different, when it comes to a team golf competition.  The format was impossible to predict, and went right to the last hole.

 What did you think of the event?  Did you attend or watch on TV?

I do hope to see the event again next year, somewhere in the world.  Maybe the winning team gets to host the event until a team beats them and they get to host the next year’s event.  Regardless, glad to have Bradenton and the Sarasota area host the inaugural World Champions Cup.  


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