Total Pars at 2024 Masters – Fantasy Golf

Masters Fantasy Golf with Total Pars as the Tiebreaker

How many total pars will be made at the 2024 Masters?  That is the Tiebreaker question for the Master’s Fantasy contest.

We did a post about picking the total pars at GolfToons back in 2021, we posted before, during, and after.  So, I thought I would add a video to this year’s post. 

I hope you find this helpful.  

The app, like, is a spectacular tool that keeps improving each year.

But how do you figure out, “How many pars will be made by the entire 2024 Masters field?”

This is the ultimate in golf guesses, like how many greens I will hit on Saturday, nobody knows. And the actual number will vary.

But we can look at the historical numbers.

Back in 2021 when Hideki Matsuyama won, the field made a 2958 total pars.   You can see the break out of total pars by round in that post here.

Hideki Matsuyama Caddy bowing to Augusta National

Factors to Consider for Total Pars

The important factors to consider are…

      • How many players will make the cut, which is the top 50 players and ties,

      • Who might make the cut and withdraw (Tiger),

      • How tough will the course be set up,

      • The weather. 

    All intangibles.

    Caped and masked golfer on the tee box with two golf buddies commenting that crime has increased since the Masters, Golfing Super Hero is an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass

    Next, we can refer to the number of total pars made in previous tournaments. Again, I’ll refer you to our 2021 recap post.

    My Thinking for Total Pars

    89 golfers for the 1st two rounds will make an average of 10.75 pars per round. That gets me to 1913.50 pars for the first two rounds.

    I think 54 golfers will make the cut, a guess. But I think 2 will withdraw. 

    So for the final 2 rounds, 52 golfers will average 10.2 pars per round. 

    So that is 2974.3 pars, and for some unexplained reason,

    I am rounding up to 2975 total pars. 

    Here is a link to the update posted on Saturday morning, and the YouTube video and see video below. 


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