Masters Fantasy Round 3 Total Pars

Masters Fantasy Round 3 Total Pars? What was your Tie-Breaker guess? We have the results for Round 3 total pars and the first two rounds.

This post was updated for the 2024 Masters with a blog post and YouTube video


If you entered Masters Fantasy on the site, you know the Tie-Breaker is the total number of pars during the tourney.  Here is Masters Fantasy Round 3 Total Pars. What was your Tie-Breaker guess?

Yesterday, we posted the totals for the first two rounds, here. Masters Fantasy – Total Pars 

For Round 3 the field was reduced to 54 (bigger than my guess of 44) and the par count was 577

Here are a few more details…

  • Total pars for 3 Rounds = 2397
  • The average number of pars per player was 10.685. 

Pretty consistent over the three rounds 

  • Round 1 – 10.5287
  • Round 2 – 10.3908

Ian Poulter made 16 pars in Round 2 and Adam Scott made 15 pars. Otherwise, 14 pars was the high point in Rounds 1 and 2. 

What do you think the total will be for the tournament?  And how did you make your estimate?  

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Lone Ranger and Tonto in Golf cart with Tonto asking the Lone Ranger about the Driving Range, an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass of GolfToons.



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