Golf Mom – GolfToons 12

mom with baby golf color

We can all envision the iconic ‘Soccer Mom’ and the minivan she drives. Hauling kids to countless practices, games and tournaments.  But what about the ‘Golf Mom’?  

The lesser known cousin. She drives kids to the practice range, buys equipment, arranges lessons and pays for rounds of golf. Or the woman walking the course, cheering loudly during matches. Then, picking up the vanquished when they stumbled in pursuit of their dreams.

One of the many beautiful parts golf is how often we see young professionals and junior golfers, when handed a trophy, take that moment to thank their moms. There is something inherent in the game that seems to instill core values and appreciation for those that helped to foster a love for golf. Pass this gift to the next generation, please.

Now is it crazy to think the pivotal figure in growing the game we all love might just be the tired and stressed out ‘Golf Mom’ in the van in front of you at the traffic light? No, not crazy at all. Thanks Mom!


YouTube Shorts – Golf Mom vs. Golf Dad


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