In the Hole A-hole – GolfToons 10

Fan in the gallery beside the tee box yelling IN THE HOLE as the professional golfer tees off, an original golf cartoon illustration by Marty Glass of GolfToons.

You know the guy. The a-hole standing in the gallery who yells ” In the Hole! ” at PGA Tour events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drive on a 660-yard par-five or if the player is hitting a ball sideways to get the golf ball back into the fairway. This guy is going to yell, ” In the Hole! “

But just who is this dude? He must use this refrain in other situations throughout his life and daily goings-on. 

GolfToons – In the Hole

Golftoons is a scheme between two golf buddies, Michael Duranko and Marty Glass. If this side hustle makes any money, they‘re gonna blow it on a golf trip. Enjoy!

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Play Fast, Replace all the ball marks you can find, and keep your ball on the short grass. 


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