Tree Shot – GolfToons 5

Two golfers look up into a tree to see another golfer addressing his golf ball and about to take a swing. A clever, original golf illustration by Marty Glass

We golfers take ourselves seriously and believe anything is possible.  Even a Tree Shot.

Why take a penalty stroke if you can get your club back and might be able to hit your ball to the fairway or maybe even onto the green?  Remember those miraculous shots Ken Venturi showed us to save strokes?  Why not give it a try?

With a little dash of optimism and the mentality of “if you can see the green, you can hit the green” you just might be able to pull off a ‘miracle shot’ of your own.   

And then there is the concept of “Risk / Reward”.  What’s the worst thing that can happen?  “I’ll just take a club and climb up there to see for myself.” 

You can always count on your golf buddies to offer some encouragement and help you focus on the “reward” and forget the “risk”.  Just the push you need to give your Tree Shot a go, though these type of shots used to be easier when metal spikes were allowed.  

All your mates really want is to see good theater or at least some bit of entertainment. After all the “Risk / Reward” for them is zero risk and the reward might be priceless.  They might witness your ‘miracle shot’ or have a good laugh at your expense.

Every shot is serious business.  And if you do manage to pull off the shot….Hallelujah!  Faith renewed!  Anything is possible.


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