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GolfToons for hire?  Yes!  Drink How Water.

Here’s a summary of our recent work with the How Water Company of Houston, Texas.

Burma Shave

The project started with an email from Bob Peebler asking about our golf illustrations and using them on signs at a golf tournament. Bob is the CEO of How Water Company.

The idea was for a series of signs placed down the fairway or at other spots on a golf course.  ‘Burma Shave’ was the example Bob had in mind, though he wondered if we knew what he was talking about?  

That is a high compliment for two guys our age.  

Yes, we are familiar with the Burma Shaves signs alongside roadways and highways.  Here is an example, “If you dislike like big traffic fines, Slow down til you can read these signs”  Burma Shave. Or,

Drink How Water

How Water is sponsoring a series of golf tournaments in Texas this summer. The first one is the TPx Spring Classic at Black Horse Golf Club in Cypress.  The signs had to be bold without being intrusive, relevant to golfers, and reusable.

How Water is a Houston-based company with a patented system for extreme purification and oxygenation. The result is hyper pure water they call the ‘Future of Hydration.’

How Water is bottled or canned, really, in ‘infinitely recyclable aluminum.’   The colorful cans look cold, and the How brand is Mod.  

Check out their website and Social Media pages for the whole story.  Drink How Water.  

Back to the project. The GolfToons team started with brainstorming captions and a few caricatures, that we sent them to Bob and his team.  

The feedback we got was more beautiful music to our ears and another high compliment.  ‘More Cartoon, less text.’

Here are the signs we came up with for the first tournament. And, below you can see the signs on the BlackHorse GC during the tourney. The SPX Spring Classic is a Major Championship for the Southern Texas PGA

Congratulations to the winner, Autumn Bynum, who had 10 birdies in two days to beat a field of 80 local pros, men and women.   Tim Thelen won the Senior division and had 11 birdies.   Good Golf!

Bob and his team were wonderful to work with, quickly responding with very specific feedback on what they wanted to see.

Marty has vast experience working with clients to develop and execute promotions and promotional materials. Though, this was the first time using GolfToons characters.

Hopefully, not the last time. Call GolfToons if you know someone, or if you are someone interested in using original golf illustrations for your marketing.


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