Shadowy Putting at The Masters

Shadwoy putting shows tall trees casting shadows across a putting green, an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass of GolfToons

So many things are different at The Masters this year. The grass is longer, and the greens seem bumpier at the end of the day as the earth cools. At least that is the way it seems from my couch. Shadowy Putting at The Masters.

No patrons, the autumnal colors rather than the spring flowers, and the shadows.

The sun is in positions not seen in the familiar April days. An example was the Thursday evening light. Sir Nick was getting a bit emotional as the broadcast ended. I was too, absolutely majestic skies.

In April the the sun is higher in the sky, and shadows show up at the end of the day, but not for long.

The sun is lower this time of year, and the shadows stretch farther and start much earlier, creating shadowy putting at The Masters. We shared our Shadowy Putting – GolfToons 63 a year ago, and we wrote about playing golf at the end of the day. Check it out, or click on The Shadow Knows – GolfToons 18 about using a shadow to indicate the line of a putt.

Are they gonna finish The Masters on Sunday, or can we stretch it one more day? Fine with me, there is nothing better than one more day of The Masters Distraction.

Here is a post about sun protection for when there are no shadows. Ice Rays Sun Sleeve Review.


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