The Masters Distraction

Caped and masked golfer on the tee box with two golf buddies commenting that crime has increased since the Masters, Golfing Super Hero is an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass

This is The Masters. Most of our work can wait until next week, when we will be distracted by talking about what happens on Sunday in Augusta, Georgia. The Masters Distraction!

Golf is an addiction as we discussed in the original post for Golfing Super Hero – GolfToon 69. <Click through and read our essay from last year.>

But so is watching certain golf tournaments, and especially The Masters—muted announcers juggling the intensity of the moment with trying not to wake the napping audience.

But this weekend, they have the sweeping views of Augusta National, as much golfing history as any non-Scottish links course, AND they have that music. Their very own theme song lulling all into golfing serenity.

Perhaps addiction is too strong of a word? And so we submit obsession. We are obsessed with watching as much of the Masters as we can. And, from personal experience, the Live Stream from The Masters web site is fantastic. The Masters Distraction

Enjoy your obsession and get back to work next week.

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