Is this the end of “In the Hole?”

Fan in the gallery beside the tee box yelling IN THE HOLE as the professional golfer tees off, an original golf cartoon illustration by Marty Glass of GolfToons.

Fanless golf does take some adjustment. It can feel anti-climatic, like a series of practice rounds. But I don’t miss the shouts of “In the Hole,” and neither do the players. Same for “Ripper Magoo

Is this the end of the “In the Hole A-hole?” That would be nice.

If you look at In the Hole A-hole – GolfToons 10, we have some fun imagining how this ‘uber golf fan’ might find other situations to use his favorite catchphrase; getting a coffee refill at a diner, playing cards with his buddies, at a funeral?

The Masters seems to put fans, or “Patrons’ on best behavior. If you do hear any “In the Hole” exhortations they will be muted or whispered. Without the crowd roars from somewhere on the course, golfers can stay focused on their game.

If you faithfully watch the Masters with limited commercials on CBS, fans are unnecessary. Excitement builds because we are familiar with the holes on the back 9 at Augusta National. We know what is possible. What has gone wrong in the past, and we have all dreamed of what WE would do.

More than the other two Majors in this Covid-adjusted 2020, we know The Masters. And we can’t wait for Masters Week to start. And finally the end of “In the Hole.”


2 thoughts on “Is this the end of “In the Hole?””

  1. You are absolutely right. Of all the sports, golf is a gentlemen’s game and the fans should act accordingly. I can’t remember the name of the tournament in Phoenix where the fans are absolutely obnoxious. I don’t even like to watch that tournament as it is very distracting and takes away from what I want to see. The Player’s not the hear the obnoxious rants.
    I love your blog. Keep it up.
    A new fan

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