Short All Day – GolfToons 42

Short All Day shows a golfer complaining about not putting his golf ball hard enough and leaving it short, depicted in an original golf cartoon illustration by Marty Glass of GolfToons.

One of the most maddening things in golf is coming up just short on a putt. Especially when your ball is tracking on a perfect line towards the hole. Your timidity denies you the ecstasy of holing the putt. Short All Day.

It seems that “coming up short” is a 24-hour bug that lasts about one full round of golf. And is cured by consuming mass quantities of adult beverages post-golf followed by a fitful stupor of sleep. In addition, a full-on black-out is an ideal remedy as it decays your memory and allows you to reset mentally for the next round.

As usual, the golf game affords us life lessons, like taking stock of how blessed we are just to be playing the game.

I learned that particular lesson well when playing with my friend Craig, an elementary public school teacher. He stands taller than he appears despite minor vertical challenges. He became weary of my ongoing complaints about coming up short all day and delivered the gem that inspired this GolfToon.

In conclusion, leave it to a teacher to soothe the whining child with some thoughtful and comparative insight.

Thanks Craig!


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