Golf Compliments – GolfToons 19

A foursome of golfers on the putting green with three golfers offering compliments to the dismay of the putter, an original golf cartoon by Marty Glass of GolfToons
4 golfers on a green. one guys putting misses,a nd the other three share encouraging compliments.

Can a compliment be an act of gamesmanship? Possibly. Allow me to explain unwanted compliments

The frustration of a birdie putt that comes up short can cloud one’s mind with unspoken expletives. While sapping the sincerity from well intended compliments.

Conversely, a compliment delivered with a smirk can be unsettling enough to linger to the next tee and beyond.

In the game of golf, etiquette and honor do not require that every miscue need consolatory commentary. Sometimes it’s better to echo your partner’s frustration with a “Are You Kidding Me!” or a short and succinct “&%*@”. At least you will be more in tune with your partners attitude.

A little thoughtfulness is the best course. Commiserating with your golf buddy is considered a magnanimous gesture. But if you need your opponent to hook it OB on the next tee box, try a smarmy “Fantastic effort Bob!” Beware of flying putters. Unwanted Compliments


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