19th Hole

19th Hole
The proverbial 19th hole.  That place where golfers go after their round to discuss their performance and commiserate with other golfers.

It’s also where golfers can settle bets, don the feedbag, or take refuge from the elements.

For some, it’s a watering hole (not to be confused with water hole) where one drowns their sorrows in liquid amnesia or relives that glorious seven-iron that rattled the pin on number 9.

Is it true that the more water on the course, the less water in your adult beverage?

What to drink at the 19th hole?  It can depend on what was consumed in the previous 18 and how you played that day.

For example, four double bogies may require a couple more doubles.

Similarly, three birdies might be made even sweeter by an expertly made Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour.

Besides, if you carded a 101 in 90-degree heat, an iced cold draught or a tall Gin and Tonic may be the answer to your day’s woes.

What’s your favorite post-round beverage?